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We strengthen relationships between
Businesses and Locums
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What we do
Through the use of technology we bring businesses and locums together, with one simple click.
We understand how busy businesses and locums are, finding a locum or a shift for oneself is time consuming. Our technology bridges that gap.
The Technology
Our technology allows a business to communicate with hundreds of locums within seconds. The business logs in and with a few clicks can define a shift. The shift is then presented to hundreds of locums. A locum with one click can accept the shift. Confirmations are sent to both parties. As the shift approaches automatic reminders are sent to both the business and locum, reminding them of the details.

A business can create a shift from a mobile phone or PC. It can be done in seconds. No longer do you need to call an agency. It's faster and on your terms.

A locum can accept the shift without the need to talk to an agency. Both parties are usually busy in the day and this simple, discrete method of booking is of immense help. The system is available 24 hours a day, so if you need a locum quickly it is the fastest way to fill a shift. Details of the shift such as location, start and end time, rate of pay and more are presented clearly and simply to the locum.
The Locum
We provide great shift opportunities for Locums. We don't have long registration processes. Simply sign up, it will take less than 60 seconds. It's free. Once signed up, you will be notified of shift opportunities as they appear. You simply click the "Accept" button if you want to work the shift. We will remind you a few days before about your up and coming shifts. It is that simple. We ensure best industry rates as we set a minimum and also do not take commission on hourly rates. What the business sets as the rate of pay, is what you get.
The Business
The days of using an expensive agency are over. We provide a super fast way of getting a locum. You set the rate of pay. You can request a locum any time of the day, and be rest assured your shift will be filled quickly. You can at your convenience log on and request a locum, either from your phone or PC, from anywhere in the world.
Cost Savings and Better Rates
Locumbell is a innovative way of working. Simply put, we eradicate the concept of an agency. We ensure locums get a good rate of pay. Everybody wins. This is achieved by our efficient technology solution. We simply charge our customers a fixed yearly fee for unlimited usage, or pay as you go option. We are 50% cheaper than agencies who take commissions on each hour worked by a locum. The rate of pay set by the business is what the locum gets. We take no commission on the hourly rate.
Quality Assurance
We offer a rating system that is placed in your branch, namely Customers can rate your business by using our touch screen. A simple survey is presented and can be filled in within 30 seconds by a customer. This system can be used to monitor a quality service is available, whether you are present or not. We provide reports to show your ratings and how you are doing, this can help manage and improve your business.
Locum Sign Up

If you are a Locum please download our app below.

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Alternatively all users can install the app directly from the browser by clicking the button below.

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Business Sign Up
If you are a business please fill in the details below, and we will contact you within 24 hours.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What do I need to use the service?
All you need is an email address and internet access. You can use your mobile phone or desktop PC.

Q: Is the service running 24/7?
Yes, you can use it any time.

Q: Can I use the service whilst abroad?
Yes, from anywhere.

Q: Does a locum get charged a fee?
No, there are no fees for Locums, it's free.

Q: Do you provide telephone support?
Yes, please call us if you need assistance.

Q: As a locum, why should I sign up?
We provide shift opportunities and don't take commission on rates, hence you get paid more. Our system is more convenient as you can accept a shift from your phone in one click.

Q: We have multiple branches, can your system help?
Yes, within our system you can create branches and with one click you can switch between branches and manage your shifts easily. No need to have multiple logins.
About Us
We are a world class team of business and technology professionals. We spotted the lack of technology support for both businesses and locums. This has led to the creation of Locumbell. We are pleased to be serving you and aim to move the industry forward.

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